What we do

Research and planning underpinned by extensive subject knowledge and grounded in the latest thinking in consumer psychology

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Financial Services

We have many years experience of uncovering the psychological drivers of different purchase decisions in key product areas

Our latest work models and identifies the specific drivers of long term-term (e.g. pensions and life insurance) and short-term (e.g. motor insurance) purchase decisions. Importantly, psychological variables emerge as twice as predictive as demographic variables

The Ageing Customer

It has never been more important to understand how older adults think, feel and behave

Our experience of working with companies providing products for the 50+ age group, combined with our knowledge of the latest academic thinking about age-related changes in behaviour, mean the older consumer is a particular specialism of the Big Window.

Voice of the customer/adviser

Feeding customer insight into our clients’ business strategy from an early stage – whether that’s as part of their planning processes, product and service proposition development or ongoing product review

We encourage our clients to involve advisers at early stages in the development of tools and product propositions as well as communications – using depths, groups and workshops

Comms testing

We’ve developed a research framework to help our clients use behavioural science to design smarter comms and drive better outcomes. Our framework allows clients to consider the behaviour, decision making and social nuances impacting responses to the comms, allowing them to better understand what is driving responses to the comms and how different elements are performing

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Engagement Framework

Why do some people seek out/take in information and others don’t? We have developed a framework which isolates what providers and organisations need to do to engage consumers. It reveals how important perceived emotional outcome is on information seeking behaviour, i.e. how is knowing this information going to make me feel? We have successfully applied our framework to the financial services world and other sectors

Behavioural Science insights underpin everything we do Deliberate Versus Automatic thinking:

Our research enable our clients to understand how these different modes of decision-making play out in their commercial environment

Context matters: We help clients understand why things like choice architecture, priming, anchoring and framing matter

Social norms and expectations: We help clients to uncover and leverage social norms within different customer segments and populations

Bringing Segments to Life

Putting flesh on the bones of customer segments. Exploring individual, social and environmental influences on behaviour by segment.

Deconstructing journeys, personas and empathy mapping to identify opportunities to connect with and influence behaviour, including:
• Decision making processes
• Triggers and barriers to action
• Habit formation

Behavioural Change

We use several behavioural change models in our research approach to unpick and explain people’s behaviour in order to inform and help our clients design effective change programs and communications.

We seek to understand:
• The internal as well as external barriers and motivators involved
• How to increase perceived benefits and reduce perceived costs to the change in behaviour
• How to translate awareness into an action

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