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The impact of Lockdown

We explain how the habit loop has given us a structured way of thinking about and researching financial habits We explore some important questions about the habits developed and lost as a result of lockdown, and share some techniques that can be used to influence habits, through the lens of both short term and long term savers.


Our summary and perspective on the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association report on the Retirement Living Standards designed to empower people to better understand the cost of living in retirement and offer an innovative approach to helping savers engage with their pension. 

Smart Comms

We note the increasing importance afforded to engagement among our financial services clients. We have learnt that what this really means is understanding how the message, its frame and context contribute to the end result. So we’ve developed the Big Window®‘s communication research framework to help our clients use behavioural science to design smarter comms and drive better outcomes

Investment Pathways

As a result of the FCA’s Retirement Outcomes Review (ROR), the FCA has set out the introduction of drawdown investment pathways and changes to drawdown annual statements

We explore the implications for defined contribution drawdown providers of having to offer non-advised consumers investment pathways from August 2020

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