A range of qual

Qual Ongoing

Capturing and explore experiences, e.g. claims or customer journeys, as they happen

Qual Standard

A solid approach designed, conducted with insights delivered by board-level directors

Qual Intense

Larger scale or strategic projects, e.g. segmentations. or those gathering multiple stakeholders’ views

Qual Express

Getting an answer to a live business question within 7 to 10days with feedback as it happens

A range of quant

Quant Segmentations

Sophisticated design of questionnaires and thorough modelling capable of yielding rich yet robust database behaviour or attitude-based segmentations followed by embedding and engagement programmes

Quant Modelling

Statistical modelling – to underpin specific business decisions eg. conjoint studies and driver analysis to help our clients optimise what they offer

Quant Agile

Fast answers to specific and live business questions within 48-72 hours; with real-time feedback and a summary executive debrief the next day, helping our clients make fast changes to products/marketing

Quant Classic

Bespoke add-hoc surveys across multiple markets skilfully designed, operationalised and analysed by our board level team. We build our design on the latest psychology and market expertise

A range of workshops

Ozone Ideation

Video fueled structured sessions to enable clients to identify ‘killer insights’ and translate these to value propositions and develop solutions


Internal sessions to help stakeholders recognise and understand customer vulnerabilities more fully in order to embed the needs of these customers into the activities of the organization e.g. Ageing Mind


particularly helpful with low engagement topics (such as pensions) where consumers can be given bite sized chunks of information, so their knowledge of the issue builds as the session progresses


Sessions that enable collaboration between stakeholders and consumers/advisers to foster creativity and uncover the breakthroughs needed to build ideas and hone propositions

Embedding the insights

Driving insights

Help drive insights through the business – bringing them to life for the relevant internal target groups

Workshop presentations

Workshop presentation formats where appropriate to fully engage and connect client teams to the customer – recognising that this is where the work begins in earnest for our clients

Video highlights

Use our video highlights films to bring ‘real’ people and their needs and issues into debrief sessions to make the experience immersive. These films are easily shared around a business

Stakeholder buy-in

Ensure clients teams have a chance to input into the research materials and guides to aid buy-in from the outset

Viewing facilities

Encourage our clients to view depths/groups – in viewing facilities we have a 2nd moderator behind mirror

Package and present highlights

Package and present insights in a way that engages stakeholders – fostering engagement through infographics, personas and curated stories

Tailor our insights

Tailor insights to every level of audience, from giving marketers what they need to implement insights – to giving board level directors what they need to drive decisions

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